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prescott lighting designLighting Design – Important to your Home or Business Decor

We are your Prescott Electrician for lighting design. Ponderosa Electric provides you with the information you need to determine the best lighting for your home or business.  We can also work with your interior decorator or other professionals to make sure the lighting and switch placement is ergonomically functional for your lifestyle.

Important Lighting Considerations

When determining your lighting needs, it is important to consider what the lighting will be used for.  Mood lighting? Reading?  Ambient lighting?  Ambient lighting is used to set the mood – either with a bright light or more mellow all-over lighting.

Task lighting is used for activities like reading, drawing, painting, drafting – wherever a beam of light is needed to see your work area.

Another kind of lighting is accent lighting, which is meant to highlight architectural features or possibly works of art.

In placing these types of lighting, switch placement is key for ease of use.  In the case of overhead lighting such as chandeliers, you want to make sure that the chandelier is placed no more than 30 inches above the table surface.

Hiring one of our qualified, licensed, bonded and insured Northern Arizona electricians is a crucial step to your project.  This will ensure the project is done properly, using quality materials and the best workmanship.  Call us today to find out more.